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2011 Boston Skillshare

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Zine making, self-publishing, and more!

A zine can be loosely defined as an underground publication that is independently produced and self-published, typically photocopied (though there are also audio and video zines). People make zines out if a desire to share stories, knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Zines are made for love, not for profit.
-definition from the Papercut Zine Library


lesson plan

We'll have a small collection of different types of zines for folks to look at, go over a brief history of zines, and then get into the nitty gritty: layout options, copying techniques, distribution, etc. Everyone will have the chance to make a one-page zine to take home and copy, or collaborate to make a larger zine.

facilitator experience

Dr. DRM and DJ sea level have been making High Five, a semi-monthly community calendar and arts zine, together for more than a year. The DJ has also been making zines about feelings and stuff like that for a long-ass time.

intended audience

People who aren't familiar with zines, who are familiar with them but are intimidated by the process of making them, or who just love zines and can't get enough of workshops about them.

other resources suggested by the facilitator - the Papercut Zine Library, Somerville, MA - queer zine archive project