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2011 Boston Skillshare

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Intentional Communities: Co-ops, Cohousing, Communes, and Ecovillages

There many different types of intentional communities and this presentation will explore four of them: housing co-ops, cohousing communities, communal communities, and ecovillages. We will look at the differences between these kinds of communities as well as giving examples of each--many of which are found in the Boston area. There will be time for questions and general discussion.


lesson plan

First half-hour, a presentation on what an intentional communities are and are not, as well as an overview of co-ops, cohousing, communes, and ecovillages.

The remaining hour will be open for questions and discussion.

facilitator experience

In the last ten years, I have lived in three area co-ops (one of which I live in now). Prior to that I spent twelve years developing and eventually living in a more communal type of community, and I am hoping to do it again. In addition, I have been part of the 'Branches' group in Boston which is trying to spread information about housing co-ops.

intended audience

Anyone interested in learning more about intentional communities, whether they would like to live in one or not. Those currently living or who have lived in one of the types of communities described here are also welcome and can hopefully add to the information and discussion.