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2009 Boston Skillshare

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Budget Travel in Central and South America

Have you always wanted to travel south of the border but didn't quite know how to make it happen? Need help with what to pack, where to stay and how to not get (as) sick? Want to share your own travel experiences and tips? Then come to our skillshare!


lesson plan

I. Why travel to Central and South America?
II. Trip planning -- how long to go and how to budget
III. What to pack, what not to pack
IV. Where to go, pace of travel, method of travel
V. Safety
VI. Fun
VII. Cultural and travel etiquette

facilitator experience

Libby has traveled alone to Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, el Peru, Chile, Ecuador and had a great time.
Kendall has traveled alone to Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, el Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brasil, Chile and had an even better time.

intended audience

People over 18 interested in traveling safely, cheaply and adventurously in Central and South America.