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2009 Boston Skillshare

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Simple Solar

Working demonstrations of the
Simple Solar Thermal Principles:
Dark absorbs; Light reflects; Clear
keeps the wind out

and solar electric/photovoltaic/PV power
with an emphasis on Solar IS Civil Defense


lesson plan

You will learn how to build or buy a wide variety of solar devices

Solar Thermal
Survival solar/refugee camp solar:
water disinfection, ovens and cookers, water heater, gardening aids...

Solar Electric backpack and bike lights
Solar IS Civil Defense: flashlight, radio, cell phone, extra set of batteries
The solar/dynamo as a reliable source of low voltage DC power, day or night, from
sunlight or muscle power solar swadeshi

One Room/One Window
heating, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning, and electricity

facilitator experience

30 years in the solar field, three years operating a traveling energy show

intended audience

Do it yourselfers, campers, renters, nomads, and homeowners.

other resources suggested by the facilitator